UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Arrives in Ukraine to Meet Volodymyr Zelensky

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak travelled to Ukraine to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday, November 19, to confirm a major new package of air defence and his “continued support” for the war-torn country, according to 10 Downing Street.

Footage posted on Twitter shows Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visiting with President Volodymyr Zelensky in snowy Kyiv.

The visit is Sunak’s first since taking office last month.

“Britain knows what it means to fight for freedom. We are with you all the way,” Sunak tweeted. “

The £50 million package includes 125 anti-aircraft guns and technology to counter Iranian-supplied drones, No. 10 said. Credit: Rishi Sunak via Storyful

Video transcript


RISHSI SUNAK: Mr. President, How are you?

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Welcome. How are you?

RISHSI SUNAK: Really good to see you.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Good to see you too.

RISHSI SUNAK: Very good to see you.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: You brought us rain.

RISHSI SUNAK: Well, there we go. I don't know. I brought my coat for later. Your team has been fantastic. Thank you very much.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Thank you so much.

RISHSI SUNAK: But it's been-- it's been excellent.



RISHSI SUNAK: We came. Yeah, I said to my wife like I'm saying for you.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it was very nice.


OK. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.