UK provides more aid to help most vulnerable in Ukraine

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The UK is providing £45 million in funding to help the most vulnerable in Ukraine and at its borders, the Government has said.

The money will go to UN agencies and charities delivering vital aid and supporting survivors of sexual violence in the war-torn nation, where the Russian invasion continues to exacerbate a massive humanitarian crisis and force people to flee.

This means the UK’s full £220 million humanitarian aid package for Ukraine has now been allocated.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: “Britain has stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine throughout this conflict. As one of the largest humanitarian donors we will continue to make sure those bearing the brunt of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s vile war have the lifesaving aid they need.

“British aid is supporting the most vulnerable in Ukraine, particularly women and children, who are facing increased risk of sexual violence and exploitation.”

Of the £45 million, £15 million will go to the UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund which distributes food, water, shelter and other basic necessities, as well as working to prevent sexual violence.

Martin Griffiths, UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief co-ordinator, said: “This generous contribution from the United Kingdom will enable the UN’s Ukraine Humanitarian Fund to scale up the delivery of fast, effective and lifesaving aid to people who are caught up in this unfolding nightmare.”

Another £15 million will go to children’s agency Unicef to provide food to pregnant women and mental health support for children.

Aid organisations in Moldova and other neighbouring countries will receive £10 million to protect those fleeing the war, while £5 million will go to the International Federation of the Red Cross in Ukraine.

Ms Truss also announced the UK will send more medical supplies, in addition to more than five million items already delivered, including some 380,000 packs of medicine and wound care packs to treat 220,000 wounded.

Britain has already committed £2 million of food supplies to parts of Ukraine encircled by Russian forces, with 17 trucks already having delivered more than 50,000kg of pasta, 10,000kg of rice, 60,000 tins of corned beef and more than 80,000 litres of water.

Some £30 million in humanitarian support is going to Poland to help refugees there and get supplies into Ukraine.

A team of UK war crimes experts – including specialists in conflict-related sexual violence – are travelling to Poland to assist as the Ukrainians gather evidence of Russian atrocities.

Ms Truss has said British intelligence will also be assisting in holding the Russian political leadership to account.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to “carry on supplying Ukraine, alongside your other friends, with weapons, funding and humanitarian aid” as he addressed the country’s parliament.

Nearly 16 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance within Ukraine, according to the UN.

Some seven million are internally displaced, while 5.5 million refugees have spilled into neighbouring countries.

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