UK rain turns Hampshire ground into 'moving' wobbly field

First there was the flooding, then the sinkholes - now Britain’s extreme weather is turning fields into ‘moving’ wobbly mudbaths.

Nick and Beth Minister were walking their dog in Hampshire’s New Forest when they felt the earth move beneath their feet.

As this bizarre video shows, muddy ground wobbled and shifted underneath them like a grassy bouncy castle as they jumped up and down.

The strange phenomenon was caused by water becoming trapped between top soil and impermeable clay following the onslaught of rain.

Muddy water also spurted from a hole in the ground after Mr Minister pierced it with a stick.

The pair were confident they wouldn’t fall through and that the shifting soil wasn’t concealing a sinkhole.

Mr Minister said: ‘We just happened upon it, there were several similar patches to this one. This was the first one we came across. It was about 10ft sq in area.'

'It's very clay heavy ground around there so we were quite confident it was a shallow recess and not a deep 'sinkhole' underneath.'