UK records seven Covid deaths as more than 7million Brits get second dose

Lizzie Edmonds
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<p>There are now 7 milion fully vaccinated people in the UK</p> (PA)

There are now 7 milion fully vaccinated people in the UK


More than seven million people have now been fully vaccinated in the UK, official government figures show.

A total of 7,466,540 people have had both jabs while 32,121,353 people have had one dose.

There were just seven deaths recorded on Sunday bringing the UK total to 127,087.

Separate figures published by the UK’s statistics agencies show there have been 150,000 deaths registered in the UK where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.

The Government also said that, as of 9am on Sunday, there had been a further 1,730 lab-confirmed cases in the UK.

It brings the total to 4,369,775.

Earlier today, data was released showing how many Londoners had been jabbed.

NHS England data shows a total of 4,047,546 jabs were given to people in London between December 8 and April 10, including 3,296,920 first doses and 750,626 second doses.

This compares with 5,263,799 first doses and 1,070,174 second doses given to people in the Midlands, a total of 6,333,973.

The breakdown for the other regions is:

– East of England: 3,235,736 first doses and 757,963 second doses, making 3,993,699 in total

– North East and Yorkshire: 4,283,721 first and 1,059,214 second doses (5,342,935)

– North West: 3,452,484 first and 843,711 second doses (4,296,195)

– South East: 4,407,623 first and 1,001,998 second doses (5,409,621)

– South West: 2,988,118 first and 671,104 second doses (3,659,222)

It comes as the chairman of the Government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag) urged caution ahead of a major easing of the lockdown.

Tomorrow, outdoor hospitality, gyms and services such as hairdresses can open for the first time in months.

Professor Peter Horby told Times Radio: “The watchword has got to be caution, really.

“The modelling which is now pretty good does show that we can expect some kind of rebound. It’s not clear exactly when or how big it will be but there is, I think, inevitably going to be a bit of a rebound in the number of cases when things are relaxed.

“Hopefully it won’t translate too much into hospitalisations and deaths because of the vaccine programme, but there will be some of that. Now the extent of it really depends on how well we comply with the ongoing restrictions, so we really have to take this step by step.

“I think we can be joyful and enjoy the freedoms, but we’ve still got to realise there’s still a large number of people who’ve not been infected or vaccinated and so they will be at risk.”

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