UK resident blasts council for closing road for a MONTH to build "pointless" 20ft cycle lane

A resident has hit out at a council for closing a road for a month and building a 20ft cycle lane - which he says is just "glorified lay-by".

Bill Priddin, 73, has blasted Staffordshire County Council over the new cycle lane in Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent.

He says it is underwhelming, unnecessary - and "funny".

Pictures show the short cycle lane, which has room for traffic flowing in both directions.

However, it is more than double the length of Britain's shortest cycle lane - measuring just three-feet in Frampton Cottrell, Bristol.

Mr Priddin, 73, said: “Kidsgrove didn’t have any cycle lanes before.

"They closed that road down for about four or five weeks and that is what they put up.

"It only about 20 feet and that’s the only cycle lane in the whole town."

The pensioner thinks the lane was put in to encourage people to use their bikes more and to drive less - but has questioned its effectiveness.

"If they’re trying to get people on their bikes, it’s not doing a very good job," he said.

“If you look at the length of it, it’s basically just a lay-by.

"It only goes halfway up the road, and that’s the only cycle path we have - I just find it amusing."

A second local resident, David Holland, 50, described the path as "pointless".

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