UK residents have been left furious at 30ft mountain of rubbish dumped yards from their homes

Residents have been left furious after a huge 32ft (10m) mountain of rubbish was dumped near their homes - which has now grown so tall it looms over their properties. Homeowners say the festering eyesore has left their housing estate looking like a "Third World slum" after the site became a dumping ground two years ago. Since then, nothing has been done to rectify the problem and the towering pile of waste has now grown higher than nearby trees and houses. Shocking pictures show stacks of household rubbish including bin liners, mattresses, wooden pallets and scrap metal on Straight Road, in Willenhall, West Mids. Mum-of-two Gina Howells, 33, who lives nearby, said: "It's not only a massive eyesore but a health and fire risk as well. "It absolutely stinks and we've seen rats running about. I'm worried for the health of my children and don't understand how it has been allowed to grow this big. "Surely somebody is responsible for it it but the council and Environment Agency haven't done anything about it so far. "It's left our area looking like a Third World slum. There's already been one fire, what if it happens again and spreads to our homes?" Another resident dad-of-one Lewy Watton, 30, a security officer, added: "I'm probably the closest, I'm in a flat that looks directly on to the canal. " Filmed on 8th September 2021

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