The UK Restaurants Taking Food Waste Seriously

Charley Ross
(Silo Brighton)

Food waste is a global epidemic. A devastating 1.3 tonnes of the stuff (a third of all that is produced) is wasted each year – meaning that radical change is required to sort the mess out.

You can compost at home, say 'no' to buy-one-get-one-free and always chop your old veg into a pasta sauce, but, when it comes to eating out, you hand over control.

While most professional kitchens are hot on waste – throwing stuff out is bad for the bottom line – there's a fresh set of eateries that have taken it a step further, to go fully zero waste.

Here's some of the best.


Silo, Brighton

For founder and chef Douglas McMaster, zero-waste is more than just a food group, but a mantra. Silo's furniture is repurposed from waste materials, and its plates are formed from plastic bags.

Food deliveries are made as sustainable as possible, made in re-usable crates, cans and containers, and the restaurant has a digester that grinds leftover waste into compost.