UK to see 'truly incredible' pink blossom bloom amid milder weather for April

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The Pink blossom is set to bloom across much of the UK next month (Canva) <i>(Image: Canva)</i>
The Pink blossom is set to bloom across much of the UK next month (Canva) (Image: Canva)

Parts of the UK will see "truly incredible" scenes next month as the pink blossom blooms late following colder weather in March.

Colder temperatures this month led to snow and ice warnings for much of the country, forcing the iconic pink blossom to flower late.

Parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will see the incredible sight as April looks set to be wetter and milder.

This comes as the National Trust ramps up its annual blossom campaign.

UK 'still in line for a truly incredible show' amid late bloom of pink blossom

National Trust head of gardens and parklands, Andy Jasper, said: "While we had a mild winter overall, the recent cold snaps have affected how quickly nature progresses, and we can see the effects of this across many of our gardens with blooms delayed.

"We are still in line for a truly incredible show where the delayed blossom will burst forth in waves across the country like an amazing Mexican floral wave - marking the reassuring moment that spring has arrived."

Despite the bloom being delayed in most parts of the UK, Cornwall has seen an early bloom due to its "unique microclimate".

Tom Cutter, an assistant gardener for the Trust at Glendurgan Gardens, said: "We haven't been hit as badly by the recent cold snap and snow as the rest of the country has been.

"As a result, our visitors get to enjoy an utterly beautiful display of magnolias in our garden right now."

What is the National Trust's Blossom campaign?

The National Trust Blossom campaign is now in its third year and encourages people to explore the flowering and share their pictures of it on social media using the hashtag #Blossomwatch.

The campaign is part of a move to return blossoming trees to the UK and create an equivalent of Japan's "hanami" where people gather to enjoy the natural occurrence.

What does the Met Office's Long-Range weather forecast say for April?

The Met Office predicts that April will see some more "settled weather" with wetter conditions likely for the far south of the country.

However, it is thought that temperatures could be cooler than the average April despite a rise from March.

The pink blossom flowering in the UK is set to take place in April amid milder temperatures.