UK set for 29C heatwave sizzler from France and it'll arrive next week

The UK has been told to expect a sizzling heatwave as the mercury skyrockets thanks to a North African plume bringing 29C temperatures. The mercury and thermometer is set to soar with stifling heat finally hitting the country, according to Netweather TV projections.

The plume of air will hit the country from France after a heatwave in Europe. The heatwave is expected to arrive via Europe, peaking on June 29, with Netweather's Ian Simpson explaining: "For the longer term, it looks likely that we will see a pattern shift which will promote warmer than average temperatures, with predominantly west to south-westerly winds and ridges of high pressure moving in from the Azores at times, interspersed with periods of more unsettled weather with low-pressure systems coming in off the North Atlantic.

"It is common for the weather patterns to shift in this way in late June, with a strengthening of the Azores High and stronger westerlies on its northern flank, though with the jet stream pushing northwards, for Britain, the westerlies will probably only be intermittent."

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"There is some chance of some of that North African and southern European heat making its way to the British Isles towards the end of June, depending on whether the ridges of high pressure from the Azores align in such a way that we pull in hot air masses from the south and south-east, but this is not a certainty," he added.

In the short term, the Met Office predicts of Monday: "A mixture of sunshine and showers, but most places staying largely dry compared to the weekend. Heaviest showers in the northeast with a low chance of rain approaching the southeast."

And the outlook for Tuesday to Thursday adds: "Fewer showers through the period with sunny spells for most. Cloudier in the far north at times with patchy rain. Feeling warmer in the sunshine with winds easing."