UK set to cool down after glorious sunny weather over Easter weekend

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UK set to cool down after glorious sunny weather over Easter weekend

The UK is set to cool down, putting an end to the balmy weather conditions present over the Easter weekend.

In London, it will start to feel chilly under clear skies from Monday, according to the Met Office.

It comes after Good Friday saw the UK record its hottest day of the year so far, with highs of 23.4C in St James’s Park in London.

The sunshine is forecast to disappear and, despite Tuesday seeing a mostly bright start, the afternoon will be cloudy.

Scattered showers will develop in the capital from late morning, turning heavy at times with the odd rumble of thunder possible.

The UK will see the mercury “creeping down” as the days go by but temperatures will remain above average through the week, the Met Office said.

Marco Petagna, a senior meterologist at the Met Office, said: “The idea is temperatures gradually just creeping down each day for the next few days across the UK.”

He continued: “Tuesday and Wednesday could see a few showers, particularly across the south of the UK.

“And then the second half of the week is when we get an easterly wind developing, more in the way of cloud pushing in from the east with some patchy rain but still a lot of relatively dry weather too.

“But the trend is certainly for temperatures to take a bit of a dip, so we’re sort of back down to low locally mid-single figures by Thursday.”

The glorious warm weather over the Easter weekend saw people flock to beaches and parks as many wanted to soak up the sunshine.

While the warmest day of the year so far was recorded on Good Friday, Saturday saw another warm day.

It was not far behind the year’s record with 21.2C (70.16F) recorded in Cardiff.

Easter Sunday brought the start of the decline in temperatures, with a slightly cooler high of 20.2C (68.36F) in Northolt, west London.

But temperatures will continue to slowly decrease into the end of the week.

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