UK set to experience 'three months' of heatwaves with hotter than average summer

The UK is bracing for a scorching summer with forecasts predicting THREE MONTHS of high temperatures. As we progress through June, the nation has received an update on the potential heatwave conditions, with meteorologists indicating that June, July, and August could bring intense heatwaves at times.

NetWeather's team of meteorologists is predicting above-average temperatures. They specifically point out that July may see particularly sweltering conditions, potentially reaching 2C higher than what is typical for the UK during this period, , reports Birmingham Live.

According to NetWeather: "Overall, June-July-August temperatures are forecast to be warmer than the 1991-2020 long-term average during Summer 2024."

The report further adds: "July forecast to be the hottest month, perhaps up to 2C above the average."

In its detailed long-range summer forecast released in August, NetWeather explained: "Given the predominant wind direction from southwest or south, temperatures will be above average, but not as much as July, given greater chance of unsettled weather off the Atlantic, but still 0.5C to 1C above the 30-year average."

The forecast also suggests that rainfall levels could be average or above, though it is less likely to fall below the norm. Meanwhile, the Met Office's outlook for the period from June 20 to July 4 indicates: "Signals are weak regarding prevailing weather patterns during this period. Typical conditions for the UK are most probable, with a mixture of weather types."

Sunshine and rain spells should be expected across various areas with temperatures predicted to hover around or slightly above the norm, according to weather reports. With regards to June's forecast, it is stated by the BBC that "Generally, it will remain rather changeable across the UK as temperatures will temporarily dip below average over the next few days."

"However, as June progresses, there is a chance that more summer-like conditions will develop."

Further adding: "In the next forecast, we will see whether the rather summery outlook at the beginning of July continues."

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