UK set for first 32C day of year as 'hot and warm' heatwave finally hits

The UK is braced for the first 32C temperature of the year as a heatwave arrives with "hot and warm" weather as soon as June 16. The third full weekend of June will see the mercury skyrocket with the UK due to sizzle amid "very warm and hot plumes", according to Jim Dale.

The weather expert from British Weather Services said: "It will be on the edge of cooler weather to the North West, so also expect high humidity, showers, and thunderstorms. It could well be testing." It added: "The temperatures may remain highly variable, but I expect tops to be close to 32C during the period.”

Despite the promise of rising temperatures, which are matched by InMeteo and WX Charts maps and charts too, the Met Office remains unconvinced. Forecasters at the Met have issued two forecasts - a shorter-term and more medium-term outlook - on its website.

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Unfortunately, neither seems to think a heatwave is en route or on the cards. Ahead of that, the Met Office expects the rest of Wednesday June 5 to be "breezy in the north with a mixture of sunny spells and blustery showers, and some snow over mountain tops.

"Largely dry in the south with sunshine and perhaps just the odd shower. Feeling cool in the northwesterly breeze." Tonight will see "showers continue in the northwest overnight, with hail and thunder possible at times," forecasters go on to add.

"Staying drier further south with some patchy cloud. Turning chilly under any clear spells." The Thursday outlook adds: "A similar picture on Thursday with the best of the sunshine in the southeast. Heavy showers continue in the northwest with a risk of hail and thunder. Remaining breezy."

And the outlook for Friday to Sunday states: "Staying similar over the next few days with sunshine and blustery showers in the north. Drier across southern parts of the UK, with temperatures here slowing increasing over the weekend."