UK set to be hotter than Bahamas in 'blowtorch' heatwave 'lasting til August'

The UK is set to be hotter than the Bahamas as a 'blowtorch' heatwave will see temperatures soar to a scorching 40C - with experts warning Brits to 'get the barbecues at the ready. Exacta Weather's James Madden has now warned that Brits are in for a scorcher, with mercury levels potentially soaring past 35C, maybe even hitting the 40C mark.

Mr Madden said: "This major heat surge is now fully expected on our part, and we can now pass judgement on expected temperatures and duration. There is now absolutely no reason why this developing scenario won't produce temperatures in the mid- to high 30s in places and 30C+ elsewhere at the peak of this heat for in and around mid-July and over a several-day period or more, at the very least from later next week onwards (from Sunday onwards at present, possibly earlier)."

He went on: "The latest GFS model projections have also incorporated some very hot options for us around this same period in two of their last four model runs, and this is something that WILL become more frequent and strengthen over the next several days."

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"Unfortunately, other forecasts or forecasters who can't or won't forecast this far ahead simply confuse the issue as they don't really know intrinsically what will happen the next few days, never mind from next week and in and around mid-July," the forecaster added.

"However, you can almost pretty much guarantee that they will be all over it when it occurs, pretending like they forecast the hot temperatures they will be shouting about!" He said: "Our 12-week in advance forecast also covered the dates of July 10–20 as a "high confidence" scenario for this to occur, particularly for in and around July 15–17, and our more recent heat surge that occurred in June was only ever "weak to moderate" confidence."

He went on: "This is also the start of a significant pattern change that will keep us in predominantly warm to very hot temperatures with some obvious variations in intensity throughout the remainder of July and into the start of August at the very least."