Saturday Was Officially The Hottest Day Of The Year As UK Temperatures Beat Majorca Heat

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Saturday was officially the hottest day of 2019 so far, the Met Office confirmed.

Temperatures reached 25.5C in Gosport, Hampshire – almost 4C shy of the all-time Easter Weekend record of 29.4C in Camden in 1949.

It was a record-breaking day all around, with Scotland and Northern Ireland experiencing the warmest Easter Saturday on record, the Met Office said.

Britons will continue to bask in sizzling weather across most parts of the country during a sunny Easter bank holiday weekend.

And some parts of the UK will even enjoy balmy climates which are hotter than the Spanish island of Majorca – and some parts of Spain will even see rain.

People across the country have been making the most of the favourable climates by soaking up the rays.


People making the most of the glorious weather

Under fine clear skies, most Brits can enjoy “dry, sunny and very warm conditions with temperatures rising” on Sunday to a possible 26C and maybe even up to 27C on Easter Monday according to Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts.

The other warmest Easter weekend days include the 26.9C recorded at London’s St James’s Park on Good Friday in 2011 - when the mercury also reached 25.3C on Easter Sunday and 24C on Easter Monday, both in the Solent.

The top temperature for Good Friday was 24.5C at Wiseley in Surrey, ahead of plenty of varied sunshine for the rest of the UK.

The 20.7C enjoyed in Aboyne, Scotland, in 2015, along with 21.6C in Brynamman, Wales, in 1984 and 19.4C in Armagh in Northern Ireland in 1924 are the top national temperatures recorded on Easter Sunday.

The warmest Easter Mondays recorded nationally were the 21.4C enjoyed in Culzean Caste, Scotland, in 2014, plus the 23.2C in Nantmoor in Wales and 21.1C in Knockarevan in Northern Ireland, both in 1984.

The weather is set to be glorious this Easter weekend

Bookmaker Ladbrokes has cut odds from 5/6 to just 8/11 for this year to see the hottest Easter Sunday on record.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Brits have been treated to a scorching start to the Easter weekend and things will only get hotter if the latest odds are anything to go by.”