UK set to roast in new 'hottest day of the year' next Thursday

The UK will bask in a new hottest day of the year NEXT WEEK as hot weather finally makes a comeback. Maps and charts from WX Charts, using Met Desk data, show the current record of 25C is set to be eclipsed as the drab and dreary May weather is banished.

London and parts of the south face highs in the low-twenties from June 4, with Juen 6 marking even warmer climes, and the North West of England and North East benefitting too as Manchester and Newcastle both roast.

Temperatures will hit the mid-twenties and spark a new hottest day of the year by June 6. Jim Dale, a meteorologist with British Weather Services, said "It seems there is some high pressure coming into the UK. We may also get some push from the south, so the likes of Spain, Italy, and southern France will also start warming up.

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"The warmth from these areas seems to be moving in our direction. We cut off the Atlantic from the rain side of things and we go drier, sunnier, and warmer by the next weekend. 23C in the south is absolutely possible, probably more like 25C in some cases."

The Met Office forecast from June 2 to June 11 reads: "Early in June, conditions are likely to be more settled due to the influence of high pressure extending east over the country. A few showers could still develop in places but for most it will be a dry at the start of the period with plenty of sunshine.

"Feeling warm generally though cooler near the coast where onshore breezes develop. This fair weather is likely to continue for a few days into the following week, but thereafter the outlook becomes more uncertain. The south of the UK will probably be drier, although not ruling out scattered showers at times.

"Cooler and cloudier further northwest, where rain is more likely. Temperatures will probably be around normal or a little above average."