UK to hit 22C in Easter scorcher hotter than Greece after hottest day of year

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UK to hit 22C in Easter scorcher hotter than Greece after hottest day of year

Temperatures are set to climb to 22C in an Easter scorcher after the hottest day of the year.

It was hotter than California on Good Friday as the mercury hit 23.4C in record temperatures in St James’s Park in central London, the Met Office said.

Saturday is expected to be slightly cooler but temperatures are set to reach 22C in parts of southern and central England.

The UK remains hotter than popular Easter holiday destinations - including Majorca, Ibiza and Greece - which only have highs of between 16C and 20C.

Many parts of the country will see clear, sunny spells despite a cloudy start to the day in some areas.

UK Spring Weather: Easter Good Friday 2022 Heatwave

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: “It will be a fairly cloudy start to the morning before developing into a rather fine and sunny day on the most part.

“Areas in the central and southern England, such as the West Midlands, are most likely to reach the low twenties.

“It will then become gradually cooler going into Sunday, with showers in Scotland and Northern Ireland, while most other areas should remain pleasant.”

More widely, some regions will reach the low twenties while parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland will reach the mid-to-high teens.

Some parts, mostly central and western areas, could see some cloud earlier in the day with mist and fog patches inland at first.

Easter Sunday will be cooler, although probably drier than Saturday, with showers confined mainly to the north and west ahead of a wetter Monday, forecasters said.

The Easter weekend has seen the hottest day of the year after the previous high for the year was recorded in March at 20.8C.

The warm weather was not limited to the capital, with the mercury reaching the high teens in northern areas including Yorkshire and parts of Scotland.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: “Friday was the warmest day of the year so far with most of England dry and sunny.

“Skies were blue and many enjoyed a very nice start to the Easter weekend.”

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