UK seven-year-old lad has become Booth's youngest ever supplier creating "yummy" fruit pots

A seven-year-old lad has become a supermarket's youngest ever supplier after writing to its director - asking them to stock his mum's "yummy" fruit pots. Entrepreneurial Edgar Johnson was so taken by his mum Jane's healthy creation last year he decided to pen a letter to the director of his favourite supermarket, Booths. The store, dubbed 'the Waitrose of the north', offered words of advice - sparking the pair into action by amping up their production and selling the pots at a farmer's market. Due to the snacks' astounding popularity, the dynamic duo - plus dad Clive - are now making more than 100 pots a week and supplying to two Booths stores in Lancashire. That makes Edgar, a year two student from the village of Mere Brow, their youngest, and arguably most creative, supplier in Booths' illustrious 175-year history. His mum's creation incorporates tangerine, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, apple and grapes in a small pot that sells for £2.50 a go. Making them extra special is Edgar's branding which has seen them named 'Family Fuit' - initially a misspelling on the youngster's part that was kept for authenticity. *This video was filmed 4th June 2021.