UK teen decides his town's Xmas lights were too dull and creates his own display

A teenager who decided his town's Christmas lights were too dull has spent the last YEAR creating his own display. Annoyed with the "dark and boring" decorations in Sutton, Saman Zand took it upon himself to bring some festive cheer. The student said he has always been fascinated with Christmas lights and wanted to do something for his community. So Saman, who was born and raised in the south London town, began a project at the start of 2021. And his efforts have paid off, as sparkling Christmas lights now course through Sutton - which have even been credited with reducing crime. Saman, 17, said: "I've now essentially built the entire display by assembling a team of volunteers from the local community who build or assemble Christmas lights. "I was born and raised in Sutton, and have lived here all my life. "It took an incredible amount of fighting to put my lights up, especially as a 17-year-old. "I just didn't know who to approach or who to talk to about it. "The first people I approached were so positive about me and my plan, and eventually I got the approval of the mayor of Sutton, who essentially pushed my project and secured some funding from the local committee budget. "I've had so much support from the local councillors who helped me so much, and I'm so grateful for that help. "We became a very close-knit team fighting to light up Sutton, and put Christmas lights in new areas. This video was filmed on the 18th December 2021.

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