UK TikTok family whose house was wrecked in suspected arson attack 'were sent 95 takeaways and prostitutes by jealous haters'

A TikTok family whose house was wrecked in a suspected arson attack were sent "95 takeaways and prostitutes" by "jealous haters" before the fire, according to neighbours. CCTV footage shows two suspects setting fire to a Ford S-Max on the drive outside the semi-detached home of The Smithy Family in Welling, south east London, between 10.30pm and 11pm on Wednesday night with a milk carton filled with petrol. Nick Smith - described as a "pest in a vest" by neighbours - and his family, who have 2.6 million followers on the social network, believe their home was set alight because of their new found social media fame. He says they will never be able to live in the house again. Neighbours came to the family's aid, helping carry their two daughters and six-week-old baby boy over the back garden fence to safety. The family's "funny" and "heartwarming" videos have attracted a large following - now over 2.6 million, since Mr Smith joined TikTok a few years ago. But their new found fame has also attracted unwanted attention after their address was leaked their address online. Lisa, 50, a concierge who lives next door, said: "I've known them since the day we moved in nine years ago. "I was passing the kids over the back fence because they couldn't get out the front door. "They have two daughter Isabella, nine, Amelia, six, and a little boy teddy who is just six weeks old. "Bells was crying, carrying Teddy in her arms, so that will stick with her life. "If they didn't have a back entrance they would never have got out. "The house is completely black so I think they've been put in temporary safe accommodation. "It's not the first time they've had trouble with haters or whatever you call them. "One day, they got 95 takeaways delivered and then they had prostitutes or escorts showing up at his house. "He's the first one to say he didn't have the best childhood, but he did everything for his kids. "He's a pest in a vest, but he doesn't have a nasty bone in him and we've been living here nine, ten years. "There's a guy online claiming he put petrol in their bins, but we know it's not him because it didn't start there. "He's a rough diamond, but he's as good as gold." Barry Sissons, 75, a former HGV driver who lives a few doors down, said: "We were on the night just getting ready for bed and then we heard a Big Bang and looked out the window and saw the flames.

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