The UK’s top 50 little thrills of everyday life revealed

Finding money in a pocket is ranked first among the nation’s top 50 small joys in the current climate, with money-saving situations prominently represented (Getty Images / iStockphoto)
Finding money in a pocket is ranked first among the nation’s top 50 small joys in the current climate, with money-saving situations prominently represented (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

The top 50 tiny joys of daily life in the UK have been identified by new study from Tesco.

Finding money in a pocket ranked first among the nation's top 50 small joys in the current climate, with money-saving situations prominently represented.

Other money-focused ‘little wins’ include noting a favourite product is on special offer (27 per cent), getting an unexpected bonus or tip (24 per cent), and making a huge saving at the till when using a loyalty card/app (22 per cent).

About a third (34 per cent) of UK adults, according to research conducted to coincide with the launch of the new Tesco Clubcard Pricing advertising campaign, said they get a daily thrill from shopping.

Here is the full list.

The nation’s top 50 ‘little thrills’:

  1. Unexpectedly finding money in a pocket - 35 per cent

  2. The sun shining when you wake up in the morning - 35 per cent

  3. Snuggling into bed after putting fresh sheets on it - 34 per cent

  4. Receiving a gift that you weren’t expecting - 33 per cent

  5. Getting praise for something - 28 per cent

  6. Paying your shopping bill using vouchers earned through loyalty points - 27 per cent

  7. Seeing that a favourite product is on special offer - 27 per cent

  8. Finding a parking space right outside the place you want go in - 27 per cent

  9. Someone saying “I love you” - 25 per cent

  10. Being cooked a meal - 25 per cent

  11. Getting a free upgrade at a hotel or on a flight - 25 per cent

  12. Getting an unexpected bonus / tip - 24 per cent

  13. Getting a compliment from a stranger - 24 per cent

  14. When a traffic light turns green just as you approach it - 24 per cent

  15. Car passing its MOT - 24 per cent

  16. Getting to finish work early- 23 per cent

  17. Using a loyalty card/app at the till, and then seeing the amount of money it’s saved you - 22 per cent

  18. Getting to a store checkout that’s just opened with no queue - 22 per cent

  19. Finishing a good book - 21 per cent

  20. Realising you have a huge build-up of loyalty points on your card - 21 per cent

  21. The train / bus arrives just as you arrive on the platform / at the bus stop - 20 per cent

  22. Waking up and realising it’s the weekend - 20 per cent

  23. Receiving a message or phone call from someone you love/fancy - 19 per cent   

  24. Putting on new clothes or shoes - 19 per cent        

  25. When the clocks change, and you get an extra hour in bed - 18 per cent        

  26. When a journey takes less time than expected and you arrive at your destination early - 18 per cent        

  27. When your sports team win a game - 18 per cent        

  28. When you wake up feeling fresh after a late night - 17 per cent        

  29. Finding the last piece of clothing in your size on the rack - 17 per cent

  30. When you have a good hair day - 17 per cent        

  31. Getting your car cleaned for free when you go to the garage - 13 per cent

  32. Successfully getting through to buy concert/festival tickets online - 13 per cent

  33. Getting an email or text with a discount code/ sale announcement - 13 per cent

  34. Coming home late and remembering you have leftovers you can eat - 12 per cent

  35. Getting paid ahead of pay day - 12 per cent

  36. When you have a good skin day - 12 per cent

  37. Using a satisfying pen - 12 per cent

  38. Finishing a hard workout - 11 per cent

  39. Getting an invite to a party / wedding - 12 per cent

  40. Turning your out-of-office on your work emails - 11 per cent

  41. When someone likes your post on social media - 11 per cent

  42. Finding the dishwasher has already been emptied - 10 per cent

  43. Getting a personal best on a run / for a workout - 10 per cent

  44. Waking up a minute before your alarm - 10 per cent

  45. Finding your egg is a double yolker - 10 per cent

  46. Finding a full tank of petrol in your car - nine per cent

  47. Being sent a funny meme - nine per cent

  48. When your children sleep through an entire night - nine per cent

  49. Seeing a dog in a cute outfit - eight per cent

  50. Getting a notification of a match on your dating app - six per cent