UK tourists in Benidorm face £130 fines for 'building sand castles'

UK tourists in Benidorm have been warned they face eye-watering £130 fines for building SANDCASTLES. Brits heading abroad to the European Union holiday hotspot have been warned over the fines for building sandcastles during a trip to the beach.

Eight years ago back in 2016, Benidorm Town Hall bosses voted to ban "sand structures" across the entirety of the beach - with rule-breakers being fined up to €150 (around £130) - unless they have a permit. Children with a bucket and spade won't be charged for making pretty little sandcastles.

But "sand architects" who enjoy making incredible sculptures out of the beach could find themselves at risk of feeling the full force of the law. On TripAdvisor, a review writes: "On TV tonight, Spanish news filmed kiddies building sand castles, and the parents getting fined 50€ .

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"I had heard mutterings of this , but like most people , thought it was rumour. The Spanish dad was going loopy, but still had to pay. WTF!!! Are the Ayo in Benidorm going mental? This is shameful. How do you explain to a child that he/she cannot build a sand castle?

"So , dont buy your children buckets and spades....." A second said: "Good job you mentioned that Paul!My son has already put his in the suitcase.Will have to get em back out again now!!!! I've just found a news Website saying about it. Also says if you play with a ball outside assigned areas there is a 120 Euro fine....thats his ball got to come back out as well!!

"And a 750 Euro fine for stepping on the beach between midnight and 7am. Bloody they still have those people doing the sand models on the beach at night?" A third fumed: "What are they trying to do, keep the tourists away or what? What happens if you have been sunbathing under your parasol and then go for a swim, will they say you are reserving a space? It all sounds daft to me."

And another said: "I hope some of these ridiculous rules are a joke otherwise I can see holidaymakers avoiding the place altogether. My two love building sandcastles and also love playing football on the beach in the evening."