UK tourists going on holiday in Spain warned 'this summer will be very bad'

UK tourists heading to Spain this summer but who haven't yet booked have been warned "it's very bad". The British holidaymakers planning trips to the mainland as well as holiday islands like the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands have been given a word of warning.

Economist Gonzalo Bernardos has warned that "the summer in Spain looks very bad for those who haven't booked yet," after a sharp rise in in hotel prices. Senor Bernardos said: "In the first quarter we have set an all-time record in relation to any other year.

"And this is because we were coming from a spectacular year such as 2023." This resurgence has led to a highly competitive market, particularly benefiting hoteliers. The summer looks fantastic for hoteliers." Bernardos added: "It looks very bad for those who have not already booked a holiday flat or hotel because they are going to pay a lot more for it."

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"This undoubtedly has an impact on prices because if supply has increased, demand has increased even more," he added. Spain has fully recovered from the blow of the pandemic and has already become the world's leading tourist destination, ahead of France, according to data published earlier this year, back in January, by CaixaBank Research.

Spanish hotels recorded an ADR (revenue per occupied room) of 108.90 euros on average in 2023, some 20 per cent above the 89 euros recorded in 2019, the country's record year for tourism. Overnight stays reached 347 million for the year, up 8.5 per cent on 2022 and 1.2 per cent on 2019.

Overnight stays by domestic tourists increased by 1.3 per cent, meanwhile those by foreign visitors increased by 12.6 per cent. The Canary Islands emerged as the top choice for foreign tourists, attracting 45.1 per cent of their total overnight stays, followed by Catalonia and Andalucia.