UK tourists in Greece who 'drink' and 'eat pasta' given £510 warning

UK tourists in Greece have been warned after a pair of Brits were charged an eye-watering 600 euros - for having two drinks and a bowl of pasta.. Oscar Maldonado and his partner have issued the warning after dining at DK Oyster in Mykonos.

The pair, who had a pasta dish between them and two drinks, say they were shocked when they received an eye-watering £510 bill - with Oscar, aged 34, telling the Mirror: "I felt tempted to call the police, but I didn't want to cause any trouble.

"I said 'how do you calculate this?' He just went on a rant repeating 'service fee'. I just paid and left. I was p***ed off for the rest of the day and it almost ruined my holiday. I would never go there. I would never recommend it.

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"I really wasn't expecting it. I live on a Honduran salary, so going to Europe is especially hard. It was a couple's trip. It was really frustrating. I cannot think about Mykonos without transporting back to this moment.

"They were really really nice and the service was really good, they made conversation with us. We ordered non-alcoholic drinks. Just some smoothies. I didn't ask for the price, then they brought the menu over. It was misleading to say the least. My boyfriend had the lobster pasta."

"They brought us the biggest lobster, it was a pasta but with the whole part of a lobster. It was a big bit. I thought it may cost a lot, but I never thought that much."

The restaurant is fairly notorious, and sits on the gorgeous Greek island and offers cocktails, beers and fresh seafood. However, it has come under fire before after a woman claimed she was charged £50 for a glass of lemonade.

The restaurant hit back at the woman claiming she "does not want to pay for the price of the services and products provided by other hard working people” and that “there is no illegal action described." Dimitrios Kalamaras, owner of DK Oyster, has also hit back against those complaining about prices, claiming they are doing it for attention.