UK tourists in Greece face growing anger and told 'sit back and watch the mayhem'

UK tourists in Greece face growing anger after protests in Spain over "overtourism". Infuriated hotel guests have slammed british sunlounger hoggers after every SINGLE bed was taken by 7am at a hotel in Zante in Greece recently.

Taking to Reddit, they fumed: "7am and everything is taken," alongside a snap of the hotel, showing beach towels on sunloungers to "reserve them". A Reddit user replied: "I was on holiday in Greece once and saw a member of staff going round and taking all the towels off and piling them up on a table."

A second said: "My parents are in one of those vacation clubs and I went to a few different hotels with them in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The hotels and staff were immaculate regardless, BUT one of the most memorable things is how seriously they enforced their towel policy at the pool!

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"I remember they had signs near the pool stating you couldn't reserve/hold chairs with towels like that, but staff 100% was picking up towels and removing them if they couldn't find the "owner" anywhere nearby."

A third said: "Nope. Nothing is taken. Just a pile of ***** thinking that they can actually reserve something with a towel. Collect them all and place them in a pile off to one side and let them all fight it out when they get back out. Sit back and watch the mayhem."

"Do people just leave their towels overnight? Either way, I’d be removing them if I needed a chair. Completely ridiculous to think leaving a towel on a chair makes it yours until you’re ready to use it," another wrote.

"I remember a video on tiktok the other year where staff would go and rip off all the towels etc unless the people were there and I love that. It was only in the morning they'd do it when people have placed stuff before going for breakfast or similar," another said.