UK tourists in Greece warned to expect 'dramatic' shift in country

UK tourists in Greece have been issued an alarming warning as weather maps burn dark red and even BLACK amid skyrocketing temperatures. Maps and charts from WXCharts show an area around Larissa witnessing 45C on July 19.

The temperature levels are likely to soar to 45C and areas such as Thessaloniki, Skopje, and Athens will see mercury levels hovering around 41-42C during the same period. After a June that was the hottest on record, the greater Attica region has already witnessed record-breaking temperatures and wildfires.

“A green neighbourhood can experience a drop in temperatures of 5 per cent, the difference between a tortuous day in a heat wave or not,” says the mayor. He went on: “It’s not a matter of lifestyle, or improving the quality of life; it’s about survival when 23 per cent of the green lung around Athens has in recent years been destroyed by fires.

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"It’s vital we have more trees, more air-conditioned community centres and more water stations on our streets and squares.” UK holidaymakers jet off to Greece in the mainland like Athens as well as holiday hotspots like Corfu, Crete and Kos.

“The best thing about this job is that you can improve peoples’ lives,” he saidd. “It’s no longer about theories but about making Athens more sustainable and resilient.” He went on to say: "Of course I’m worried … We’re doing whatever we can.” Greece’s prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, warned this summer was “expected to be particularly dangerous."

“Greece has an ageing population that is, and will be, more vulnerable to the heat,” says the vice mayor in charge of the programme whose study. She went on: “People are now living longer and we’re going to have to take measures to deal with it.”

“The atmosphere in Athens has really changed,” a local told the Guardian newspaper. “It’s so heavy and humid and it’s definitely got a lot hotter. Before you’d cope by closing the shutters and putting on the fan. Now it’s impossible without air-conditioning.”