UK tourists with holidays booked in Menorca and Majorca 'warned'

UK tourists have been warned as contagious tiger mosquitoes invade two Spanish islands. UK holidaymakers and tourists planning on jetting abroad to Menorca or Majorca in the Balearic Islands have been warned over the rise of mosquitos in the European Union holiday hotspots.

According to local outlet Mallorca Daily Bulletin, the mosquitos are spreading across the Balearic Islands. Local authorities have put out alerts for tourists and locals and the advice includes regularly changing the water in your water bottles, pet bowls, drinking fountains, and pools.

"The risk is very present in the Balearics and we must consider it very seriously," said the local authority in Menorca, noting that residents could use a mobile phone app, ‘Mosquito Alert’, which gives a series of guidelines to prevent the tiger mosquito.

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Tiger mosquitos have been detected on both islands and preventative measures including spraying insecticide from helicopters, are being undertaken by authorities. It has a distinctive black and white striped appearance and is smaller than the more common types of mosquito, but is more aggressive.

Scientists studying aedes albopictus, as it is known have found it is a vector for the transmission of yellow fever and dengue fever, and can carry the zika virus, so is potentially able to infect humans. Three weeks ago Palma city council took to the air to tackle tiger mosquito larvae or eggs detected in some parts of the city.

The public are reminded to clean, empty, dry and renew the water in all containers, including pet bowls, drinking fountains or swimming pools, because the insect breeds in the water. Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquitoes found in some parts of the world. For most people it's mild and not harmful, but can cause problems if you're pregnant.

The most common symptoms include a high temperature and a headache, the NHS says, as well as sore, red eyes, swollen joints and joint and muscle pain and also a rash and itching all over the body.