UK tourists in Menorca, Majorca, Barcelona face £1,700 fine over new beach 'ban'

UK tourists flying to Spain have been hit with a £1,700 charge after a vaping law change. Barcelona beaches have banned smoking or vaping and anyone breaking the rules could be fined up to 2,000 Euros (£1,702), according to Markus Lindblad from vape retailer Haypp.

The Balearic Islands made 28 of their beaches no-smoking areas in 2023 and all 10 Barcelona beaches also prohibit smoking and vaping. Anyone, including British holidaymakers, caught breaking the rules could be faced with fines of up to 2,000 euros.

Spain has approved a new anti-smoking plan which limits where people can smoke, increases tobacco prices and includes a crackdown on vaping. Nanovap warned: "Taking into account the places where according to the legislature it is strictly forbidden, we can vape in the rest of the places regardless of whether our essence contains nicotine or not, although with some exceptions."

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Exeptions include indoor or private facilities are required to inform whether or not there is a ban on vaping within the premises. If there is no signage about this activity, you can vape freely and no one can demand that you do not use your NANOVAP..

Other exemptions include places of entertainment such as bars, nightclubs or restaurants. If they have separate areas for smokers and non-smokers, people who want to use their vape will be considered smokers. Nanovap said: "Now you know the different places where you can vape and where it is forbidden, this way you can avoid the fine imposed by the regulations in case of not following the respective laws to this practice."

It added: "The restrictions stipulated on the regulation of vaping in Spain indicate that the limitations regarding this activity are related to those essences that have a percentage of nicotine, this means that any electronic cigarette that carries within it an essence with nicotine, its use will be completely prohibited in certain public and private areas."