UK tourists in south of France warned with Nice urged to issue 'ban'

Cruise ships could be BANNED in a popular part of the south of France in a major blow for UK tourists. Nice has seen locals erupt with fury at the sheer amount of cruise ships heading in-land to dock near the city's coastal spots in recent months.

In a letter to Christian Estrosi, the president of the Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur, environmentalist-elected officials demanded a moratorium on these cruise ships. "It is an essential measure for preserving our marine ecosystem and for the comfort of permanent residents,” said Juliette Chesnel-Le Roux, President of elected environmentalists in the Metropolis and leader of the Green Party.

"The bay of Villefranche hosts exceptional biodiversity with fragile ecosystems and endangered species. The regular movement of cruise ships poses a serious threat to this precious environment," Juliette went on. "It is an ecological disaster.

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"A moratorium on cruise ship access would be an essential first step towards preserving this unique marine environment.” Christian Estrosi has assured locals he has been "protecting the bay" since he took on the position a decade ago.

"We have found a balance between environmental protection and economy," Christian said. Juliette said: "Cruisers pay a cheap package to consume on board without spending anything outside. They have everything on board. It’s bus tourism."

Florence, a member of the environmental citizen collective "Menton autrement" (Menton differently) agreed, said: "For those who have souvenir shops, yes, it works well. But it's not the case for all businesses. Moreover, it has been shown that the arrival of floods of cruise passengers is not well received by other tourists, creating a sudden influx and thus a nuisance for those who wish to stroll peacefully."

In 2022, 50,000 people in Marseille - France’s biggest cruise port - signed a petition against cruise ships, according to campaign group Stop Croisières.