UK tourists on Spain mainland told 'go home' and warned 'limit has been reached'

Anti-tourist protesters have blasted foreigners with WATER PISTOLS in a march through Barcelona. UK tourists and holidaymakers in Spain on the mainland have been targeted by Spanish protesters, telling visitors to ‘go home’.

2,800 protesters took to Barcelona's streets and drenched holidaymakers using water guns in the latest anti-tourism demonstration. Locals marched along a waterfront district of the city with their furious slogan "Enough! Let's put limits on tourism".

Two women were seen pointing their water pistols, attempting to soak tourists. Thousands took to the streets in the new anti-tourist protest and locals blamed tourists for the housing crisis and economy. Places had to be closed off during the protest.

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One local, 35-year-old musician Isa Miralles said: "Local shops are closing to make way for stores that do not serve the needs of neighbourhoods. People cannot afford their rents."

Another resident, Jordi Guiu, said: "I have nothing against tourism, but here in Barcelona we are suffering from an excess of tourism that has made our city unlivable." A protester has their face covered holding a sign during the demo.

Holidaymakers on the city tour bus were subjected to anti-tourist anger and placards also declared: "Barcelona is not Disneyland." Barcelona's mayor, Juame Collboni, announced a plan in June to phase out short-term lets by 2028.

In an attempt to remedy the "negative effects of mass tourism", the city council run by mayor Collboni announced a few days ago that it was banning tourist apartment rentals. It comes as 12 million visitors visit the Spanish city each year.

Barcelona is a go-to for UK holidaymakers and tourists, alongside holiday hotspots like the Canary Islands, with Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria still popular. Other popular destinations include the likes of the Balearic Islands, from Menorca and Ibiza to the most popular hotspot, Majorca.