UK tourists in Spain risk €30,000 fine for breaking little-known photograph law

UK tourists heading to Spain on holiday have been warned over a £25,000 fine for photographing police. The recording of police officers, if it endangers their safety or that of their family, the safety of protected installations or the execution of an operation, constitutes "a serious infraction".

The fine can reach as high as £25k, according to reports. The fine ranges from 600 euros up to a staggering 30,000 - or £25k. Espiamos explains: "It is not an infraction if we make the recording respecting the limits that we have indicated and we do not disseminate what is recorded.

"Although the gag law has been relaxed, there are other precepts whose compliance is strict. This implies that in no case will we be able to process or process the personal data of agents that poses a risk to them, to their families or to the police operations that are underway."

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It added: "The affected police officers are the ones in charge of reflecting in their report or complaint what is the specific risk that has materialized when their image was captured or disseminated. For this reason, the agents are empowered to identify who is capturing their image in case they later have to take administrative or criminal measures in the event that these recordings are used illegally."

Spain's interior ministry has now decreed that it is not an offence to video or photograph a police officer in the course of duty as long as this is not a security threat. Provided doing so does not 'represent a risk or danger' for the officer or officers in question, their family, their operations or their facilities and infrastructure, it is not a criminal offence, the ministry clarifies.

The only time it would be is where 'extreme risk' is present, it also explained.