UK tourists at Spanish hotels warned over crackdown on sunbed 'selfishness'

UK tourists in Spain have been warned over strict new sunbed rules as locals take action over "selfish" tricks to reserve one. Brits flying abroad in Spain have been warned over getting down to the pool early from the crack of dawn in a bid to reserve a sunbed.

On Facebook, one Benidorm holidymaker called out a group who stacked up multiple deckchairs, before lying down on all of them. He said, the Olive Press reports: "Two people, five sunbeds, and they are not the only ones."

Others said it was "out of order" and that they would ask them to move. One wrote: "This should be getting stopped, how embarrassing." Last week, two British tourists were kicked off their sunloungers by security for trying to hog them too early.

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The pair were spotted trying to reserve two loungers at 8:40am, against the rules of the hotel. In a viral video from last summer, some can be seen running and then throwing their bags and towels to take their favourite spot by the pool.

Tourist Chloe Turner, who captured the video, explained this was her "family favourite" resort. Chloe explained: "So I'm in Tenerife and everyone's running to secure their sunbed spot." She posted another video the following day saying: "Another day, another sunbed war."

TikTok users took to the comment section to share their thoughts with Icela saying: "That is not a holiday!!" A second typed: "I was there from July 29 to August 9 and my dad said it was like that. I stayed in the same hotel." And a third said: "Nightmare holiday to be honest.

"Who wants to sit beside a pool all day? Blows my mind." Another said: "This has been going on for years, nothing new. What used to madden us was when people put their towels on a sunbed, then never came back all day, till mid to late afternoon. That is just pure selfishness, as most people come and go all day, so no need to carry on like that."