UK tourists told 'cancel' Spain holidays and go to Greece, Tunisia, Malta instead

UK tourists are threatening to boycott Spain - AGAIN - and warning: "Watch them beg for us back." British holidaymakers and tourists jetting off to the European Union have warned Spanish locals over protesting about so-called "overtourism".

Speaking to GB News, a holidaymaker warned: "If the Spaniards don't want us, plenty of others do". The holidaymaker, who was planning a trip abroad from the UK, also said Croatia, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco and Malta could be alternatives.

Another said: "Fine!! Don't go to Spain people, let's see how long they last. Go to Greece instead - they are very keen to have us." Another said: "It's ok there's plenty of other countries to visit, unfortunately for them this will have a big effect on their tourism now People will go elsewhere."

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And another said: "It would not happen here. Too much sewage in the water pistols. Yes and that anti-tourism as well." Another fumed: "Most countries welcome Tourists, it's their bread and butter, won't hurt me not to travel to Barcelona again, once was enough. Portugal is a much nicer country, nicer people, not a bit rude."

"I used to live there and the Spanish are a proud race who look after their own. If you go there, they expect us to respect their culture and language - nowt wrong with that. I’m going in September as I’ve Spanish and English friends who live there - and I can speak their language" another said, defending the country.

And another said: "I sold my villa in Spain and everyone that looked at it wanted to rent out the ground floor as an air BNB, the demand for this has pushed up the price of houses and flats so that locals cant afford them this is the real reason for any antipathy towards tourists but the government are clamping down on the necessary tourist licence by cancelling them when the house changes hands and probably never to renew them."