UK tourists warned of five new laws in Europe to check before they travel

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Holidaymakers are being warned about five common blunders that could land them in hot water while abroad. Whether it's a quick city break or a two-week all-inclusive, the summer holiday season is officially here.

While it's thrilling to visit another country, it's also crucial for Brits to be aware of the different laws in each country they visit. Something that's legal in the UK could result in a hefty fine elsewhere.

This year, several popular holiday destinations have introduced new laws that will directly affect UK tourists, and new research by Haypp reveals that up to 80% of Brits are currently unaware of these changing laws. With this in mind, researchers have created a clear guide to navigating the tricky waters of European law this summer.

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Here are the five new laws you should be aware of on your travels this summer.

Urinating in the sea

The City of Vigo, a northern city in Spain, has introduced a ban on anyone urinating in the sea. If caught, the person could face a fine of up to £640, reports the Mirror.

Even though the ban is in place, it's not clear how the authorities are monitoring it, so it's best not to risk it.


Vape laws are constantly changing, not just in the UK, but around the world. New research has revealed that 46% of vapers in the UK do not understand UK vaping laws, so they are probably not going to know any vaping laws abroad either.

Disposable vapes are completely outlawed in countries including Australia, Thailand, and Turkey. Those found with a vape where it's illegal could be hit with a fine of up to £2,000 or even face jail time.

Beach sellers

Holidaymakers who enjoy snapping up 'fake' handbags on the beach should beware. This practice has been banned in certain locations.

Spain, for instance, has introduced a €200 fine for any tourist caught buying from unlicensed street sellers in an effort to rid tourist areas of these vendors. This move by the government aims to curb the sale of illegal items. So, think twice before you're tempted by any 'fakes' this summer.


Even something as simple as crossing the road could result in hefty fines for Brits visiting Germany, Switzerland, Australia or the USA this summer. The offence, known as 'jaywalking', is enforced to prevent accidents.

Tourists caught crossing the road in undesignated areas will be fined. In Australia, the penalty could be as high as $2,200.


Swimwear should be confined to the pool or beach this summer. While many Brits may see no issue with strolling around in their bikini or swimming shorts, several popular holiday destinations, including Spain, Italy and Croatia, actually ban wearing swimwear in public areas - with fines of up to €500 handed out to anyone spotted in swimwear away from the water.