UK tourists warned they'll need 'to pay again' after landing in Europe

UK holidaymakers have been locked out of hotel rooms and told to pay AGAIN after a huge tour operator went bust. Tour operator FTI - one of the biggest in Europe - has gone bust, despite a recent investment of €125million.

British holidaymakers are being told to pay thousands - or get kicked out their hotels they have already paid for. The majority of customers being affected are loveholidays after the operator went bust, meaning trips abroad are impacted.

Loveholidays have been using UK-based bed bank - an FTI subsidiary - to book holidays. has confirmed that all bookings up to June 14 have been cancelled, extended from June 11, in a major blow.

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One Brit took to Twitter/X and wrote: "Currently part of a group of 30 people in my hotel. We’re all being told we will be asked to leave unless we pay £1000 of our own money to stay. They’re now blocking our key cards and not allowing us access to our room/belongings until we ‘pay our bill’.

A second said: "We are stuck in Morocco at Labranda Targa Aquapark and are being forced to pay money to stay and are withholding customers belongings." Another person said: "We’ve just been told to pay the full amount of the holiday to the reception desk when we’ve already paid loveholiday the full amount?"

And a fellow tourist said: "Loveholidays still haven’t contacted anyone from our hotel in regards to our hotel threatening to kick us out due to Meeting Point not paying our invoices. Absolutely shocking." And another commented: "I'm on holiday and have to pay £200 every night to stay in an all inclusive hotel that I have already paid over £1.5k."

"I did receive an email yesterday... Was assured it would be ok. Just had to pay another £1700. Holiday was already paid in full!" another said.