UK war hero receives more than 5,000 CARDS sent to him by strangers to celebrate his 101st birthday

A widower and war hero will spend '101 years' opening more than 5,000 cards sent to him by kind-hearted strangers to celebrate his 101st birthday. RAF veteran Jack Annall said it was an 'absolutely incredible day' which he will never forget and joked it would take him '101 years to read all of the cards'. Gleeful Jack was greeted this morning (Thurs) with thousands of cards from all over the world which were carefully placed all over the floor and on the walls. A brass band played 'Happy Birthday' to the centenary, and multiple cakes were donated by kind strangers. Glasses of prosecco were offered up, but Jack enjoyed crisp pear cider - his favourite drink. A tearful Jack said he couldn't believe the kindness which was shown to him by strangers from around the world. Jack said: "Today has been absolutely incredible, the atmosphere has been amazing. I was so overwhelmed and touched that these people thought of me. "It's just so unbelievable, I don't know how this has all been done. "I'm just over the moon. "I just to thank everyone across the world and the country for making the day so special. "It will take me 101 years to read all of the cards."

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