UK weather: Above average temperatures likely next week as heat moves in for July

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Temperatures are likely to be above average next week, especially in the South, with each day becoming warmer.

Forecasters have said "very warm temperatures" are expected from the weekend onwards, with high 20s and approaching 30C, with southern and eastern parts expected to see the best of the "fine and dry weather".

But while rumours swirl about possible record-breaking July heat, Sky News weather producer Christopher England warned there is "considerable uncertainty" about how warm it could get and it is "currently not possible" to accurately predict the temperatures more than a week in advance.

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He said: "Forecasts become increasingly uncertain with time, with wide variations, so although above average temperatures seem likely next week, especially in the south, it is currently not possible to say how hot it will actually be and how long any hot spells will last.

In its long range forecast, the Met Office states high pressure will build from the southwest on Friday and it will "come to define this period".

Temperatures next week could be "near or above average, to hot in the south".

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The second half of July is "likely to continue bringing generally fine and settled weather" which may extend more widely across the UK, the Met Office said.

"Temperatures will be near or above normal, becoming warmer throughout July. We may see some very warm or hot temperatures, especially across the south."

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