UK Weather: Beast From The East May Return This Weekend

Every good horror film gets a sequel and it looks as if the same rule could apply to equally horrible weather events.

Rumblings that the so-called Beast from the East is set to make a return appearance are circulating amid forecasts that the UK will undergo another deep freeze this weekend.

Channel 4 meteorologist Liam Dutton tweeted: “Beast from the east, part two?

“Another burst of Siberian air may push westwards over Europe next weekend. It’s unlikely to be as intense or as prolonged as the last cold spell. Nevertheless, it brings the possibility of snow, frost and a late season chill back into the mix…”

Before you rush out and start panic-buying bread, a spokesman for the Met Office tells HuffPost UK that while it will be a chilly weekend, it will not be comparable to the monstrous snow storms we endured two weeks ago.


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An area of high pressure over Scandinavia is forming, which will bring us cold air from the direction of Germany and Poland.

Daytime maximum temperatures are forecast to hover around the 5/6C mark, with night-time minimums between -1/ -3C and the cold snap is expected to be largely a “dry feature” with a possibility of some flurries of sleet and snow in the East.

While the cold snap is expected to last from Saturday to Monday, it’s due to remain mild until Friday.

Another low pressure system will be forming by Wednesday, bringing us wet and windy weather, though temperatures will remain a mellow 12-14C.

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This article originally appeared on HuffPost.