UK weather: Britain could roast in record temperatures before thundery showers ruin bank holiday

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Britain could roast on the record hottest May day for 176 years this week before thunderstorms wash out Bank Holiday Monday, forecasters say.

The mercury is set to hit the "low 30s" as a tropical blast moves in on Friday and Saturday leaving a "chance" of smashing the 32.8C May temperature record.

That was set on on May 22, 1922 at Camden Square, London, and May 29, 1944, at Horsham, West Sussex, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and Regent's Park, London. Met Office records began in 176 years ago in 1841.

Northern England and Scotland are both due 28C while Britain will be hotter than 29C Phuket, Thailand, and 27C Mexico City.

But the Met Office said showers will hit parts of the the West on Saturday and, after a dry 28C Sunday, thunderstorms threaten much of England into a 25C Bank Holiday Monday.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said: "There is a chance of a 32.8C May record temperature, with the low 30s possible on Friday and, most likely, Saturday.

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"Tropical maritime air and a southerly feed will be across the country from late Thursday, with sunshine boosting temperatures.

"After around 26C on Thursday, Friday sees the highs 20s or low 30s, with a good chance of over 30C on Saturday, with the London area around 31C.

"The North should see 28C, with a risk of showers for western edges of the UK.

"Sunday could see 28C in the South-East.

"But thundery showers could sweep in late Sunday into Monday, and could well extend from the South-East to the North-West, before retreating later on Monday, with 25C highs."

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