UK weather forecast: 'Hannah' to become second storm to hit Britain in a week with 30cm of snow set to fall

Rebecca Speare-Cole

Britain is set to be hit by another storm this week with snow, heavy rains and strong winds forecast across the country.

Storm Hannah, which has not yet been named by the Met Office, is expected to bring up to 30cm of snow to northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland this weekend.

Wales and northern England also expect four inches of rain and travel disruption as the country braces for the second storm in a week.

Winds of up to 70mph are forecast across southern England and Wales, just three days after Storm Gareth wreaked havoc across Britain.

A Met Office spokesman said it is yet to call the storm Hannah but it is the next name on the list.

He said: “There is a yellow snow warning out covers areas in western most reaches for Saturday.

“What we are expecting is that the front associated with the low pressure system travelling across the UK in the south to come into contact with cold air then snow mass will form.

“In the Pennines, the Highland areas, parts of northern Ireland, and the Grampian Mountains, there is potential for those areas to get 20 to 30cm of snowfall.

Heavy rains, and wind are expected in Wales and southern England with potential travel disruptions this weekend. (PA)

“There is certainly a chance with the yellow weather warning across the southern part of the country there could be some travel disruptions.”

The latest forecast follows Storm Gareth, which swept across Britain earlier this week, bringing gusts of up to 75mph on Tuesday night.

Three climbers died in an avalanche on Ben Nevis in Scotland, whilst six fishermen had to be rescued by a coastguard helicopter in gale force winds off Land’s End on Tuesday.

The storm disrupted travel services across the country, impacting LNER, CrossCountry, Northern and Transpennine Express and some Virgin Trains services.