UK weather forecast: Britain to enjoy 20C sunshine this weekend after cold snap

Chiara Giordano
Dog walkers enjoy the sunshine Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, 29 March 2020: David Davies/PA

Britain will bask in warm sunshine this weekend as the recent cold snap gives way to temperatures of up to 20C.

Following several chilly days of single-digit temperatures, the mercury will begin to rise by the end of the week.

However, there will be a mixed picture across the country, with the majority of the sunshine in the east, while the west will see varying amounts of cloud – although it should still feel warm.

Parts of the north will still have to get through some wintry snow, hail and rain showers before the settled weather arrives this weekend.

A weather warning is in place for Shetland, where winds could get up to 75mph on Thursday, and drizzle will continue in the west and north west.

After a cold start on Friday, temperatures will quickly begin to rise to the low teens, said Met Office spokesperson Nicola Maxey.

Saturday will feel “quite warm locally”, she added, with temperatures up to 14C in London and 13C in Newcastle.

By Sunday “we will see a spike in temperatures”, said Ms Maxey.

She added: “In London it could be 20C, with some dry weather and plenty of sunshine on the east side of the country.

“On the west side there will be variable amounts of cloud but still feeling nice and warm.

“Somewhere like Newcastle, it will be 18C, while quite a few places across the country will see the high teens to 20C during an isolated spell. In London, it will be 20C quite widely.”

The warm spell will be short-lived, however, as temperatures begin to drop again as soon as Monday.

In most parts of London, it will be about 15C to 16C on Monday, while rain could fall heavily in the north.

That band of rain will push through quite quickly from the west on Sunday before clearing by Monday morning.

There are currently 30 flood alerts – warning people to be prepared – in place for parts of southern England.

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