UK weather forecast: Londoners to bask in 25C heat as football fans gather for England vs Panama

Fiona Simpson

Londoners are set to bask in soaring temperatures as football fans watch England’s second World Cup clash before the mercury hits highs of 30C next week.

The capital is set to see highs of 25C on Sunday as thousands of Londoners gather to watch the England squad led by captain Harry Kane take on Panama .

The day will see a cloudy start before glorious sunshine sets in later in the afternoon, the Met Office said.

It comes ahead of a week of glorious sunshine and highs of 30C amid yet another heatwave for the UK.

Londoners bask in the capital's parks(EPA)

Meteorologist Martin Bowles told the Standard: “There’s widespread sunshine for several days due.

“Over the weekend it’s going to stay sunny across the board almost everywhere. The temperature will be up a little bit each day.”

Londoners will enjoy soaring temperatures on Sunday (PA Wire/PA Images)

Wednesday is set to see the peak of the heatwave with highs of 30C, Mr Bowles added.

“Monday 27C, Tuesday 28C, it’s quite likely, I’d say more likely than not, that somewhere in the UK on Wednesday will get 30C, probably the South-East of England,” he added.

If 30C or above is registered as the top temperature the UK will be as warm as Gibraltar and parts of southern Spain, such as Marbella, which are also forecast to be around 30C.

Temperatures soared to 29.1C (84F) in St James’s Park in April.

The British Beer and Pub Association estimated that an extra four million pints will be consumed during the Panama match.

Football fans are expected to host barbeques and fill up pubs and beer gardens across the UK in time for the 1pm kick off.

But, the warm World Cup comes amid fears the country could run out of larger due to a Co2 shortage.

BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds admitted the CO2 shortage across Europe has started to impact beer producers in the UK, as well as the farming and food manufacturing sectors.

She said: “We have recommended our members to continue to liaise with their providers directly where they have concerns over supply, and are continuing to monitor the situation carefully.

“However, given the time of year and the World Cup, this situation has arisen at an unfortunate time for the brewing industry.”