UK weather forecast: Remnants of tropical storm to bring 25C heat to UK on Thursday

Parts of the UK are expected to bask in warm sunshine on Thursday - with temperatures reaching up to 25C (77F) in places.

Forecasters say the remnants of ex-tropical storm Gabrielle will bring warm air to the South - good news for the start of the Fifth Ashes Test at the Oval.

In sharp contrast, rain is expected in the North - with gusty winds of up to 60mph predicted - although conditions look to improve towards the weekend.

Sky's weather presenter Isobel Lang said: "The rain will die out and become light and patchy as it clears across the South early on Friday, and temperatures are likely to be a few degrees lower, but just briefly.

"As the Azores High builds across us over the weekend, temperatures are set to bounce up again.

"With drier, clearer air and the promise of plenty of sunshine for most, temperatures should be well above the average of 15C to 20C (59F to 68F)."

Although fairly chilly nights with mist and fog are forecast, temperatures are set to rise pretty quickly, with afternoon highs of up to 25C (77F) in the South East of England.

Northwestern parts of Scotland are expected to be an exception to the rule, where it will be breezy with rain at times.

Meanwhile, a report has warned heatwaves, droughts and storms - made more likely by climate change - are already having an impact on sport, especially cricket - and that the risks are expected to increase.

The study says a rise in heat and humidity poses hazards to players, umpires and spectators, while drought could hit the grass pitches the sport relies on.

Although rain did not stop play to save England from its Ashes defeat at the weekend, a rise in heavier and more erratic rainfall patterns in places, is washing out many games, while flooding hits pitches and facilities.

The Hit For Six report, which has been briefed to the World Cricket Committee, recommends changes such as allowing players to wear shorts in hot conditions - creating helmets, gloves and pads that keep players cool - and more hydration breaks.