UK weather forecast: Storm Brian could hit Britain and Ireland days after Storm Ophelia

Patrick Grafton-Green
Huge waves strike the harbour wall and lighthouse at Porthcawl, south Wales, on Tuesday as Storm Ophelia arrives in the UK: AFP/Getty Images

Another storm could hit the south-west of the UK and Ireland just days after Storm Ophelia left a path of destruction in its wake.

An area of low pressure is building in the Atlantic and will hit the British Isles on Friday and Saturday, with gale force winds and strong bursts of rain expected.

It is unclear how severe weather conditions will be so no weather warning has been put in place.

The Met Office is closely monitoring the situation and if an amber or red weather warning is put out then the storm will be named.

If it is named, it will be called Storm Brian.

Met Office forecaster Mark Wilson told the Standard: “We haven’t named the storm but there is the potential for it to be named.

“It is something we will continue monitoring over the next few days.

“There is an area of low pressure that will have some strong winds associated with it. Severe gales are expected which will affect the south and west of the UK on Friday and Saturday.

“There is no weather warning is in place and we expect to put a yellow warning out, but if that is upgraded to orange then we will name the storm.”

It comes after three people were killed when Storm Ofelia struck Ireland on Monday, bringing with it hurricane-force winds as high as 119mph.

The storm continued across the British Isles on Tuesday, as a yellow weather alert was put in place in Northern Ireland, southern and central Scotland, the north of England and north-west Wales.

Weather warnings have now been lifted as the storm moves away from the UK and out to the North Sea, but hundreds of thousands of people have been left without power and water.