UK weather forecast: London temperatures to soar to 25C as remnants of tropical storm Gabrielle hit country

Charlotte Carter
This weekend it could get warm enough to don the swimsuit and head down to the beach for one last hurrah before Autumn: PA

The mercury is expected to soar to 25C in parts of the UK this week as the remnants of ex-tropical storm Gabrielle hit the country.

Before the warmth starts rolling in, there will be changeable weather in Britain over the coming days, including strong winds and rain, according to the Met Office.

Meteorologist Luke Miall told the Standard: "This evening many areas are having a dry end to the day over England and Wales, but we've got rain coming in to Northern Ireland and the west coast of Scotland.

"That rain is ex-Hurricane Dorian and will bring strong winds and rain but it will move through quite quickly and will ease off by Thursday morning."

Ex-tropical storm Gabrielle could bring rain and showers to the north of England on Thursday.

"What it (ex-tropical storm Gabrielle) will do however is bring warmer air across the country on Thursday and it could feel quite humid and possibly a little uncomfortable in parts of the east with temperatures around 23 or 24 degrees," Mr Miall said.

Heading into the weekend, most of the country will be fine and warm with temperatures of up to 25C expected in some parts.

"Thanks to the remnants of Gabrielle much of the UK is in for a very warm and fine weekend which will stretch out into early next week," he added.

Temperatures will range from the late teens in Ireland to the early 20s to mid 20s in the rest of the country.

London is forecast to hit 22C on Saturday then 25C on Sunday.

Monday will be mainly fine and very warm again, with 25C forecast. Tuesday will be slightly less warm in the capital where it's set to hit 23C.

Mr Miall said there will be a fairly big range in temperatures over the weekend, in the countryside it could get down to four or five degrees at night.

"This is quite common for this time of year however as we head into autumn," he said.