UK weather: Heavy rain and wind forecast in wake of Storm Barbara

Samuel Osborne
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The UK is set to see windy and rainy weather in the wake of Storm Barbara.

Friday will see rain moving eastwards across the whole of the country, the Met Office said, with heavy rain expected mainly in the west.

The showers will then move into western parts and be heaviest in the northeast, with temperatures up to 15C in the south.

It is expected to be mild in the southeast and breezy for many.

It comes after Storm Barbara caused yellow weather warnings for heavy rain and severe gales when it reached the UK on Wednesday.

On Friday night, some lingering rain will clear in the south east and showers in the northwest will dry out.

It will be dry for many but further heavy rain and strong winds are predicted to arrive in the west and northwest.

The weekend is forecast to be wet and windy, with gales in coastal districts on Saturday.

Rain will move eastwards, lingering in the southeast into Saturday night, but clear to showers in the west.

A mix of sunny spells and heavy showers are forecast for Sunday and Monday, with the heaviest and most frequent in the north and west.

Outbreaks of rain will spread eastward across all parts on Tuesday, with blustery showers following.

Meanwhile, the Met Office has warned that the UK will become hotter and wetter throughout the 21st century due to the impact of the global climate crisis.

The likelihood of extreme weather events that put huge pressure on communities and infrastructure will likely increase, according to the Met Office’s analysis.

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