UK weather latest: Dry and sunny weather expected throughout weekend of royal wedding and FA Cup final

Chloe Farand

Most of the UK is set to bask in sunshine and warm weather this weekend as the royal wedding and FA Cup final take place.

High pressure is to bring dry and fine weather in most places across the country on Saturday with temperatures above average for the time of year.

Bonnie Diamond, from the Met Office, told The Independent: “It could be quite chilly in the morning and there could be a bit of fog along the eastern coast of England but it will be a sunny day across the country.”

Temperatures are expected to reach the low 20s, with a peak at 21C in London.

On Sunday, the eastern part of the country will continue to enjoy dry and sunny spells and the warm weather will return in the afternoon.

Ms Diamond added: “But it could be wet in parts of the country as the high pressure starts to break down. There will be clouds in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.”

Next week is expected to stay much the same, with wet weather anticipated in the western part of the country and dry weather in the east. Temperatures are expected to say in the low 20s across England with a peak of 24C in London on Monday.

The following bank holiday weekend could see more warm and sunny weather in the south and east of the country, with many hoping for a repeat of the early May bank holiday weekend record-breaking temperatures.

“There will be spells of rain at times in the west and the most settled weather will continue to be in the south and the east but temperatures will continue to be above average for this time of the year across the country,” Ms Diamond said.