UK weather latest: Snow and ice warnings across country as flood-hit areas brace for more rain

Bonnie Christian, Tim Baker

Parts of the UK are bracing for snow and ice with the Met Office issuing weather warnings across the country.

Areas of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are in line for flurries on Thursday.

But London, and anything south of the M4, is likely to be spared from the snow.

Heading into the weekend, more rain can be expected to fall across the UK, with flooded communities braced for more misery.

A snowplough on the road at Leeming Bar in North Yorkshire (PA)

Oli Claydon, a spokesman for the Met Office, told the Standard: “An area of low pressure is moving up England. It’s bringing a chance of some snow falling above the M4.

“Anywhere south of the M4 will be too warm for snow really.

“It’s likely there will be a few centimetres in higher areas like the Chilterns and the Cotswolds."

Where road temperatures dip below freezing, the Met Office has warned there is a chance of ice forming and for road users to be cautious.

From the Midlands upwards, the weather warning is for both snow and ice from midnight on Thursday to midday.

Mr Claydon added: “As always, London stays a bit warmer.

“But those up in the early hours might see some snow falling - but it is unlikely to settle.

“Temperature-wise, London will see two degrees overnight into Thursday, and temperatures during the day will be around eight degrees.

“The south west - like Exeter - will be around four or five degrees overnight, and areas north of London - like Oxford - will be around one degree. Areas like Hereford will be closer to freezing.”

Following three weekends of flooding - including two named storms - parts of Wales, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Yorkshire, among others, will be bracing for more rain this weekend.

“The weather will clear up in London by the afternoon,” Mr Claydon said.

“There will be more rain on Friday for lots of the country, and the weekend is looking to be cold and wet as well.”