UK weather maps show when 25C heatwave will arrive after storms

The UK is predicted to experience hot weather conditions in the coming days with some forecasts suggesting specific dates when parts of the country may reach temperatures as high as 25C. WXCharts has shown a change in colour to yellow, signalling a potential shift towards warmer conditions.

This hopeful promise of "summer-like" weather comes as certain areas are currently weathering thunderstorms and flooding. Over the last few days, the Met Office has issued multiple yellow flood and thunderstorm warnings.

Maps show from June 5, regions including Manchester, Yorkshire and Birmingham may encounter balmy weather with mercurial figures possibly rising up to 23C. Dry weather is also forecasted for the Scottish highlands, indicating that regions around Wick and Inverness could enjoy temperatures peaking at 21C, reports the Express.

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However, Jim Dale, a meteorologist from British Weather Services told that some areas might even reach highs of 25C soon. He said: "It seems there is some high pressure coming into the western UK as we change months in a couple of days.

"We may also get some kind of push from the south, so the likes of Spain, Italy, and southern France will also start warming up. The warmth from these areas seems to be moving in our direction." Dale added, "We cut off the Atlantic from the rain side of things and we go drier, sunnier, and warmer by the next weekend. 23C in the south is absolutely possible, probably more like 25C in some cases.

"It does look like we are coming out of the highly interchangeable wet weather and going towards something drier and warmer, and far more summer-like. We will see in the next few days whether or not we get consistent with that and by the middle of the week, we can be very sure of the summer weather."

Weather maps
-Credit:(Image: WXCharts)

The Met Office's long-range forecast for the period between May 31 and June 9 reads: "Showers are possible in the southeast on Friday, otherwise the UK will mainly experience dry weather with sunny spells, and it will feel warm with light winds for most.

"By the weekend, the weather will become more settled as high pressure builds in from the west. A few showers could still develop, particularly in the north, but for many, it will be a dry weekend with spells of warm sunshine.

"This fair weather is likely to continue for a few days into the following week, but thereafter the outlook becomes more uncertain. The south of the UK will probably be drier, with focus for showers or rainfall tending to be across the north. Temperatures will probably be around normal or a little above for the time of year."

Met Office's five-day forecast

This Evening and Tonight

Heavy rain and thundery showers will gradually ease this evening, although some showers will continue to affect northern and western areas overnight. Elsewhere it will become largely dry with clear periods.

A mild, though in places fairly breezy night.


The weather forecast for the coming days indicates a pleasant start for many in the south and east. However, showers are expected to affect northern and western regions, with some developing elsewhere during the day.

Thunderstorms are also predicted for northern and eastern Scotland.

Looking ahead from Tuesday to Thursday

Rain is set to sweep across most areas on Tuesday, followed by periods of sunshine and showers. This mix of sun and showers will continue into Wednesday and Thursday, with potential thunderstorms in certain locations.