UK weather maps show first 30C heatwave of year with four parts of England hottest

UK weather maps have burned a blistering red with four parts of the country set for a 30C heatwave. Fresh weather maps from InMeteo, which runs weather service Ventusky, show it will even feel like 30C in parts of south London and Surrey on June 15 and June 16.

Birmingham and the south coast will also be hit by temperatures nearing the 30C mark, the maps show, as the country burns a blistering red amid a plume of hot air. Promising a "warmer trend" for June 10 to June 16, the BBC Weather team has had its say.

It said: "In the third week of June conditions could be rather changeable again as areas of low pressure could approach or surround the UK at times. There is also the possibility of areas of low pressure moving generally north or north-west of the UK later this week, allowing the high pressure of the Azores High to spread across the southern part of the UK, at least temporarily.

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"This would lead to warmer, calmer and slightly drier conditions particularly in the southern areas. However, a renewed build-up of a stronger block of high pressure over Scandinavia could lead to a drier and warmer easterly or south-easterly flow, particularly in the northern and eastern parts of the UK, and wetter conditions further west and south."

Marco Petagna, a forecaster at the Met Office, told the Telegraph: "It’s been a taste of summer for the first couple of days, but for the week ahead and much of June it’s looking more mixed again. There are signs that towards the end of June we could see something more settled, warmer and drier."

Ventusky meteorologist David Prantl confirmed that although such tropical weather is expected in two weeks, it is still "colder than it usually is in June". Mr Prantl told the Express: "Temperatures will be above average this week and average next week, so there is no threat of tropical temperatures yet."