UK weather: Met Office forecasts warmer temperatures this weekend before autumn sets in

The UK will enjoy noticeably warmer weather this weekend, for what could be the final time this year.

After a recent cold snap, temperatures will rise to at least the high teens on Saturday for most of the country, the Met Office has said.

Forecaster Craig Snell explained: "Most of us will get off to a bright start [on Saturday] - there will be a few showers in the east, but they should generally move away as the day goes on.

"It is going to be a bit of a chilly start out there, especially across Scotland and Northern Ireland."

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People in Scotland and Northern Ireland could even see a frost in places, with the forecaster predicting sub-zero temperatures in some sheltered areas on Saturday morning.

But Mr Snell added that even where temperatures are colder, sunshine will remain for most of the country for the whole day.

Unfortunately, the welcome respite won't last long for people in the northern and western areas, as rain and strong winds will return on Sunday.

A band of wind will spread across Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of England and Wales on Saturday night.

It should remain dry and bright in the Midlands, southeast England and East Anglia, though.

Sunday will be fairly mild despite the wet weather, with temperatures possibly climbing to 21C in the South East and 18C in the North.

This comes after heavy rain caused huge disruption on rail networks across England and Scotland earlier this week.

More than 500 properties in Wales were also left with no electricity after the storms.

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The weather couldn't have been more different earlier in the month though, when - for the first time ever in September - a heatwave saw temperatures in the UK top 30C for seven days in a row.

Saturday marks the autumn equinox, when summer officially ends and autumn begins.